Monday, August 10, 2009

Past Graduates - Darren Doyle, Studio93

Darren Doyle graduated from AIT in 2003. His plan was always to set up his own Graphic Design consultancy, but realizing that more real world experience was needed before setting out to achieve this, he went to work at a midlands print company. For the first year, Darren worked as a designer and learned much about the print process and how the industry works. In his second year there, he was promoted to studio manager and found himself responsible for the day to day running and management of incoming jobs. “It was during this time that I started drifting away from the process of design and found myself much more involved in the actual business side of things.” By the time year three came around, Darren felt the time was right to jump ship and start his own company.

Studio93 opened for business in February 2007 on the main street of Moate, Co. Westmeath. “ I can honestly never remember a time when I was sitting at my desk with nothing to do. Even when there were no jobs waiting to be done, I was always busy . When I wasn’t working on something, I was working on getting something to work on. You can’t ever sit back in this industry if you want to succeed - you have to be hungry, and you have to stay hungry”. Studio93 has since worked on local, national and international web and print projects, perhaps most notably Irish Hairdresser International magazine which the studio has art directed for the last two years - some sample spreads from it are posted above.

‘Being a design consultant in the midlands is not unlike being a design consultant in Dublin, Dubai or Denmark - its not where you are, its how much you want it! My advice to anyone setting up would be to go and work for someone else for a few years and learn the ropes. See how they do things and figure out how you might do things better. Then when the time is right, make your move but be warned - if you do set up yourself, be prepared for long hours, very few weekends off, paper work and sacrifices. If your not totally committed forget about it - its not for you. “

So has it all been worth it ? “Damn right it is! Nothing beats the feeling of seeing a finished project that you are proud of, a client who is delighted with the job and of course the big fat check that you’ve earned!”

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