Monday, August 10, 2009

Past Graduates - Simon Roche, Fieldmice

‘Verk’ Buisness Card

‘State’ Magazine

Valby Contemporary Art

Simon Roche studied Design [Communications] at AIT from 1991-94 before going to Croydon School of Art and Design to complete his Honours Degree. He moved back to Ireland after this and began as a freelance designer and lecturer in graphics in both Tralee IT and AIT where he worked part-time for eight years.

After some years with these colleges and also annoying bands into letting him design their sleeve artwork, he was appointed art director of Hot Press magazine where he redesigned the publication and changed it from a tabloid to the smaller custom size it retained until recently. Setting up on his own after Hot Press, he still has clients in the music industry, producing a lot of album sleeves and merchandise over the last few years, as well as the more bread-and-butter business of consulting for some international advertising and PR firms. Thanks to broadband, Skype and mobile phones he now spends a lot of time in ‘wonderful’ Copenhagen working from his new shop in the city centre while still working mainly for Irish clients.

Current projects include a new redesign of the work for the National Performing Arts School, an identity and signage for a photographer’s studio and continues to design the now online editions of ‘State’ music magazine – while also co-organising the SweetTalk Copenhagen design events. He is rarely happier that when the smell of fresh print wafts through the studio air and has finally finished his own company’s new identity after, oh, years.

Simon also won the PPAI Designer of the Year in 2008 for State magazine, and you'll bet his mother is proud.

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