Friday, January 22, 2010

SHAG Week Beermats

Laura Gibbons

Karl Power

Joanne Holohan

Second Year Design (Communications) students got a short, sharp shock for a project when they came back after Christmas. In conjunction with the Healthy Campus initiative at AIT, they were asked to design a double-sided beermat to promote Sexual Health Awareness Week which runs for the first week in February.

The brief was very clear - get the message across about preventing the spread of sexually transmitted infections by protecting yourself, and getting tested for STI’s if you haven't been too careful. Laura’s mat got first prize and is off to print today, and Karl’s came second. Joanne came third, and we just got her artwork!

We’ll post some of the others that didn't make the cut - this was a five day brief because there’s nothing like a real world deadline to sharpen the senses after Christmas!

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