Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Wish...

Catherine Flynn

Paul O’Connor

Christina Connolly

Karen Quigley

Irina Mats

Brian Warrilow

Charles Fone

Eric Ugoiwa

Second Year Design [Communications] completed the ‘I Wish...’ brief just before the mid-term break, and some of the, erm, direct results are posted above. They were asked to think about developing a ‘constitution of the self’, and to design a poster detailing what they wished for in terms of themselves, their families or their communities. The range of topics covered include taking more risks personally, owners allowing their pets to soil pavements in small town Ireland, being able to say what you really mean to those who need it said to them, dodging men who are only out for one thing, banning soap operas, having manners on the road, just wanting to be yourself and judging people purely based on their appearance. Apologies for the language - it's very context specific, something you won’t get from not being able to read the small type.

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